Enjoy summer evenings with an outdoor fireplace

The layout of an outdoor fireplace will have an impact on the general atmosphere of your yard. The type of functionality and how often it is used will determine its location.

For example, outdoor fireplaces are often used to anchor an outdoor living space and can become a focal point in your yard. It can be placed by an outdoor dining space.

This is why when planning your project, we think about where it will be appreciated, depending on the type of functionality sought, without affecting the other focal points and organization of your landscaping.

Some fireplaces are self-contained on the edge of a patio, some are built into a retaining wall or attached to an outdoor kitchen.

No matter where it will be located, we make sure to follow safety rules and have enough space for patio furniture or built-in seating in front of your fireplace.


Regulations and guidelines on the use of outdoor fireplaces

The first step in deciding where to place your fireplace is to contact your local planning office. Zoning by-laws will dictate the distance between a home and existing structures. The second thing to consider is what type of fireplace your desire. Fireplaces are perfect for creating an intimate and relaxing setting outside.

Your neighbours backyard can be dissimulated by a fireplace acting like a privacy screen. However, we try not to block potential views with your home. You wouldn’t want to look out the door and have a chimney support between you and a wonderful view of the mountain, a lake or the city.

We also take into account the prevailing wind direction of your property and if possible we place the fireplace in a place where it will act as a windbreaker, or depending on the style not be affected by the wind. This will create a quiet and comfortable place where you can relax by the fireplace.

The advantages of a waterfall in your exterior design

Enriching your landscaping by combining a water-related feature, such as a waterfall, is a bit like incorporating art into your outdoor living space. This backyard oasis will provide you with a place to relax and slow down from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It will also offer a calm and serene setting thanks to the soothing sound it provides. The sounds of the waterfall can also help reduce ambient noise from an outdoor environment, such as traffic, planes, and neighbours.

For centuries, Buddhist monks have known the benefits of adding aquatic elements to their gardens for meditative purposes. The sounds produced by running water are a natural psychological relaxant and have a stress reducing effect. The quiet sound of a waterfall can even help people fall asleep. In addition, the soothing view of the water flowing in a pond or pool provides aesthetic appeal to any backyard landscape.


Pool waterfall

An advantage of installing a waterfall addition to your pool is the improvement of water circulation in the pool. They can help remove darkness and ensure even distribution of pool chemicals to provide an ideal pH level. Improved circulation will make pool maintenance easier.

When installing your waterfall, we also have the option of adding LED lights to enhance the appearance of your waterfall while enhancing your landscape from dusk to dawn.

Waterfalls, ponds and fountains

The backyard waterfall ponds can add a soothing artistic vibe to your landscaping. A pond waterfall brings beauty to the landscape and increases the value of your property. Pond waterfalls must be surrounded by greenery for the landscape to be effective and enhance your natural setting.

The selection of plants placed near a pond is an important consideration because many plants cannot survive in extremely humid conditions.


Tell us about your project ideas or ask us your questions. Whether you have a great idea or need inspiration for a landscaping project we are here to create it perfectly for your needs.

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