Retaining walls: several advantages

Frequently the addition or use of a retaining wall is necessary to retain soil and water runoff. They help adapt the slope changes in a landscape of uneven topography.

These walls often allow for more cuts in a slope to give more usable space, but they can also add depth and a different perspective to a landscape.

It is also possible to use a retaining wall on a flat floor to raise the living spaces above the surrounding soil. For example, a well-designed retaining wall can be raised above the planting areas for better drainage.

Natural stone retaining wall

This wall concept uses natural stones and rocks found in Quebec. Almost as if the stones had been hand laid to make an old-fashioned but authentic wall. Using this type of stone is a great way to maintain a natural feeling in a modern scene.


Why build a retaining wall?

A retaining wall prevents damage to nearby structures

If your house is located high up on your land or if it is on the edge of a water source, there is always a risk of soil erosion due to rain or flooding. Such incidents can sometimes lead to damage or collapse of your home.

In these cases, we then consider the option of constructing a retaining wall to balance and combat gravity to prevent landslides and erosion.

We can’t stop nature from taking its course, but we can prepare for it very well. Thus, a well-designed retaining wall will serve to protect your home in such circumstances.

The retaining wall will beautify your property

If your yard has natural slopes, you can use them to create beautiful and unique landscapes. We can build a nice retaining wall that will serve as a centerpiece in your backyard. It is also possible to design a complex of retaining walls that can show a flower garden.

In the vast majority of cases, retaining walls give homes a distinguished look.

A retaining wall can enhance the value of your home

The exterior of a home and its surroundings are usually the first thing any potential home buyer will look at. Retaining walls are an asset to your property and they add both monetary and aesthetic value to your property.

If you plan to sell your property in the future, your investment in retaining walls will certainly pay you more.

Retaining wall for a garage entry

The construction of any type of retaining wall requires quality work done by professionals. The wall structure must be strong enough to support the floor behind it.

The backfill must be compacted and applied in several layers so that the pressure is pushed down and not against the wall. Drainage must also be considered so that rainwater flows over or through the blocks, then away from the retaining wall.

In short, remember that as beautiful as these walls are, they constitute a powerful structure which must behave as expected. For this, they must be designed with quality stones or pavers and built by an authorized contractor like Sicurella & fils.

Do not hesitate to request an estimate for your decorative and supporting wall.


Tell us about your project ideas or ask us your questions. Whether you have a great idea or need inspiration for a landscaping project we are here to create it perfectly for your needs.

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