How we prepare the foundation for a successful paving stone

At Sicurella & Fils, we attach great importance to preparing the foundation for interlocking paving stones. This will ensure the durability and stability of your patio or driveway for many years to come. Here’s a summary of the key steps in our process:

1. Site assessment and planning

Before starting work, we assess the site to understand the soil and identify potential challenges. This includes checking levels and slopes to ensure proper drainage.

2. Excavation

We excavate the area to a depth of 12 to 20 inches (approx. 30 to 50 cm), depending on the type of paver and its use. This depends on whether it’s a pedestrian walkway, driveway, etc. Excavation removes topsoil and unsuitable materials.

3. Geotextile membrane installation

We install a geotextile membrane primarily to prevent contamination between soil and stone, while providing some protection against weed growth and stabilizing the base.


4. Installation of a foundation base

We lay a layer of 0 ¾” rock for a solid base. Then we add a layer of rock dust to fill the spaces between the larger stones and create an even more stable surface. For a “PERMEABLE” base, we use ¾“ and ½” net rock.

5. Levelling and compaction

We carefully level the base and compact it with vibrating plates to obtain a uniform, firm surface.

6. Laying the pavers

We then lay the pavers according to the chosen pattern, taking care to leave a minimum space between each unit for grouting. We ensure that the pavers are correctly aligned and spaced.

7. PVC curb installation

To hold the pavers in place and ensure their long-term stability, we install PVC edging around the perimeter.

8. Compacting and grouting

Once the pavers are in place, we compact them again to press them lightly into the dust and ensure their stability. We then fill the joints with polymer sand, which hardens with moisture to create a solidly locked surface.

9. Finishing and inspection

We carry out a final inspection to ensure that everything meets Sicurella & Fils‘ high quality standards. We clean up the area and make sure the site is ready for use.


Are you planning to transform your outdoor space?

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