Paving stones, an excellent solution for your landscaping needs

To take full advantage of your outdoor living space, a paving stone layout is an excellent solution..

There are many incomparable advantages to paving stones.

Harmonious and flexible

The shapes and colors of the pavers have natural characteristics that will always create a beautiful, harmonious result when used for landscaping. Additionally, pavers can be installed in different locations, in small areas, such as an outdoor patio or walkway or for a much larger area, such as a driveway.

For this reason, they are much more flexible than concrete or asphalt. They also retain their interlocking shape better, so if the soil or underlying material shift, the pavement adjusts to accommodate the movement and thus prevents cracking of the pavement.


Durable and resistant

The maintenance list for a pavers is simple and short. That’s why you’ll spend a lot more time enjoying your pavers than maintaining them. Another advantage of pavers is that they are ready to be used as a driveway or patio as soon as they are laid, unlike concrete, which needs several days to harden before it can be used.

In addition to its many aesthetic advantages pavers are designed to withstand the different climates that we experience in Quebec. This is why they are also a good choice for driveway paving and design.

Low maintenance and weather resistant

There are many advantages to using uni-stone for your landscaping projects. When installed by professionals like the Sicurella & Sons team, they will be stunning and blend perfectly with your surroundings.

As a homeowner, you want your entrance, your terrace, your walkways and pool contour to resist extreme weather, require little maintenance and keep its appearance for many years. Pavers combine strength and flexibility to provide a very durable surface.

« We loved our experience! Really attentive and well executed service. The work completed is beautiful, we are very happy with our entry. »
Mr. Bernard

A professional residential asphalt paving

As professionals, all of our projects, whether large or small, are carried out using the norms and technical standards. For all paving work, we dispatch a team of qualified and experienced professionals who will accomplish the work with the expertise they have acquired over many years.

Asphalt paving may be a good option for your driveway

Asphalt is beneficial for both high and low traffic areas. With good maintenance it is be possible to have a beautiful driveway for a long time. Its durability makes asphalt the ideal paving material. It is an affordable building material, which makes it highly regarded for paving many driveways and driveways.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about laying residential asphalt or paving stones.


Tell us about your project ideas or ask us your questions. Whether you have a great idea or need inspiration for a landscaping project we are here to create it perfectly for your needs.

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