3 current eco-responsible trends

Residential landscaping has greatly evolved in terms of the importance of sustainable development. More and more homeowners are choosing environmentally-friendly practices for the design of their outdoor spaces.

Here’s a look at current trends that may inspire you to create a space that’s unique, pleasing and, above all, sustainable.

Choose low-maintenance plants

One of the biggest trends is the use of low-maintenance plants. These plants not only require less water, but also minimal maintenance, making them ideal for practical, ecological gardening. As well as making your garden easier to manage, they add a touch of natural beauty without any extra effort.


Here are a few suggestions for plants that meet these criteria:

  1. Purple Echinacea – Hardy and low-maintenance, purple echinacea attracts pollinators and adds color with its large purple flowers.
  2. Spiky Rudbeckia – Known for its bright yellow flowers with black-brown centers, this plant is hardy and drought-tolerant once established.
  3. Ostrich fern – Ideal for shady areas, this fern is very hardy and can thrive without care once established.
  4. Milkweed – As well as being a low-maintenance plant, milkweed is crucial for monarchs, as it serves as a host plant for their caterpillars.
  5. Hosta – Perfect for shade or part-shade, hosta is a perennial that offers a wide variety of leaf sizes and colors, with minimal maintenance required.
  6. Ornamental grasses – Species such as miscanthus or stipa tenuissima are excellent choices for adding texture and movement to the garden without the need for intensive maintenance.
  7. Sedum – Highly resistant to drought, sedum is a succulent plant that offers a variety of colors and shapes, while requiring very little water.
  8. Juniperus (Juniper) – Junipers are hardy conifers that can withstand difficult conditions and require little maintenance once established.

The adoption of native plants is another strong trend. These plants support local ecosystems and generally require less maintenance than non-native species. They are adapted to the local climate and provide natural habitats for wildlife. By choosing them, you contribute to the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity in your region.

At Sicurella et Fils, we select plants that are ideal for your garden and require minimum maintenance.

Use of natural pools and water basins

Very popular in Europe, and increasingly so in Quebec over the past few years, natural pools and water basins are a new ecological trend that’s perfect for your landscaping. Natural pools use plants and micro-organisms to filter the water. Traditional pools require chemicals to keep them clean. This approach not only reduces exposure to harmful chemicals, but also supports a micro-ecosystem that promotes biodiversity.

Water features bring calm and natural beauty to your garden. They create an ideal relaxation area to enjoy with family and friends. Ponds can be adapted to any space, large or small. They can include waterfalls, floating islands or wetlands for wildlife.

What’s more, natural pools and ponds can increase the value of your property while reducing long-term maintenance costs. They require less regular maintenance than traditional pools, and become more self-sufficient over time.

natural pools
natural pools

Photo credit: Pinterest @Maya Landzi

LED lighting for a nocturnal ambience


Lighting is a crucial but often overlooked element of landscaping. Choosing LED lighting for your garden is not just an aesthetic decision, it’s also a strategic choice for energy efficiency. LEDs consume less energy and last longer than traditional bulbs, reducing replacement costs and waste.

LED lights can create different lighting moods in your garden. They highlight trees, paths, water features and other architectural elements.

LEDs can also provide soft light for quiet evenings or vibrant illumination for late-night parties, depending on your needs.
These lights are available in different colors and intensities. So you can personalize your garden lighting to suit your preferences.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, LED lights are renowned for their ability to improve the safety of outdoor spaces. They can effectively illuminate walkways, stairs and shady areas, reducing the risk of accidents after sunset. This feature makes them indispensable for any landscaping project.

Opting for LED lighting in your garden also means adopting an environmentally-friendly solution. By reducing energy consumption, you reduce your carbon footprint and help preserve our planet.

To plan your landscaping, contact Sicurella et Fils.