The pride and joy of your property! Depending on the characteristics of a lot, the lawn can be an important element in the design of a landscaping project. The grass will cover larger areas and will play a leading role in the visual appearance and also in the thermal comfort of the environment.

In addition to enhancing your outdoor space, it increases the value of the property and helps to give it unity.

Other lawn advantages

The lawn also has another important function besides beautifying the landscape. It is essential for draining rainwater and controlling erosion on steep terrain. Because a lawn is defined by shoots and roots that help strengthen the soil.

Our team of specialists will perform all the necessary work, from planning to soil preparation, adding top soil, leveling to laying the lawn.

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Plantation to beautify your landscape

Plantation services can include the design of flower beds, planters and other other locations with various plants such as climbing plants, shade plants or evergreen shrubs.

Whether you prefer perennials, seasonal flowers, flowering shrubs, hedges or trees of various sizes and specimens, we meet all your needs by finding the best plants to fit into the green space entrusted to us.

We work with the best nurseries in the region and take care of planting the plants you choose.

We also offer personalized plan services.