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For more than a quarter century, Sicurella and Sons has been creating quality landscaping. When Liborio Sicurella founded his company in 1974, he knew two things: quality workmanship and superior customer service.

These are the guiding philosophies passed on to his son, who maintains the integrity and quality expertise synonymous with Sicurella et Fils.

Even as landscape trends change and we employ new technologies, we still service our clients the old-fashioned way, with personal attention. Whether you’re contemplating an entirely new design for your backyard or front yard, or simply want to give your entry a face-lift, our tight knit team of qualified workers will meet and exceed your expectations to help build your visions into a reality that you will enjoy for many years.

We listen to your needs and we do all the work in accordance with the prevailing standards for landscaping.

Professional, reliable and competent, we will create a functional product adapted to your needs, while respecting your aesthetic criteria.

Paving landscaping pool


We have 40 yrs of experience and expertise in implementing landscaping projets and installing vast inert materials such as uni-stone or natural stone.

Even with the multitude of choices offered in the world of inert materials, such as its different manufacturers, its colors, its varied forms as well as its textures that will give style and elegance to your property.

You can be assured that we use the best working techniques in the industry so that your landscaping will be strong and durable.


Upon approval of the house, enter an impressive paved driveway. Let yourself be guided through the gardens of your garden to a peaceful access to the natural stone pool. Whatever your choice of material, we will fulfill your needs while loving your surroundings.

Our knowledge extends itself to a service of asphalt installation. The levelling of suitable land, the rate of compaction, the thickness of the layers, the origin of the stone are only a few factors to take into consideration.

Rest assured that we provide quality work!


The terracing of the walls is used to build and frame patios, stairs and raised beds. They distinguish outdoor living spaces, while incorporating planters, columns, benches, fireplaces, water points, BBQ islands and much more.

Our team will help you choose the materials that will add visual interest to your outdoor design. We can create decorative walls or retaining walls that will support driveways or patios.

Wether it be walls composed of natural stones or uni-stone, you’ll enjoy quality craftmenship.


What could be more pleasant than to gather family or friends around a fire! Adding an outdoor firepitt will add ambience to your landscape while providing you a source of heat, light and even cooking.

Or adding a melodious pond, water foutain or waterfall that will not only enhance the beauty of your property but also mitigate the noises of the surrounding area. Well placed, they will be the focal point of your landscape and can even be enjoyed from the inside of your home.

Together we can create the style that best suits you!


We provide services of mini-excavation, land leveling, granular preparation and installation of grass. We have the equipment and staff necessary in order to offer quality landscaping.

The final touch to any landscaping project, our planting services will bring the beauty of nature to your property.


For your small or large landscaping projet, all our expertise at your disposal. Do not hesitate to ask for references.